Shipping to Norway: step by step



Here is a guide on how to ship your goods from the EU, Switzerland, and the UK to Norway.

It includes information on how to calculate weight and dimension of your goods, what documents you need, and what taxes you’ll need to pay.

Shipping to Norway from the EU

If you’re shipping to Norway from the EU, you’ll need to use a Norwegian shipping company. If you’re in the UK, this might mean using Alinnza because we have a depot in both the UK and Norway.

Shipping to Norway from Switzerland

One of the best trading parters is Switzerland and the bulk of trade is carried by sea. Customers may find it cheaper to ship their goods from Switzerland to Norway via ferry than to freight them by air. If a customer is looking for a more reliable delivery service, they can also ship goods in transit via a third country.

Shipping to Norway from the United Kingdom

Norway is a country in Northern Europe, so shipping to Norway from the United Kingdom is a logical choice. The best way to ship to Norway from the UK is by sending your parcel via courier. Alinnza offers a variety of services that allow you to send your parcel via courier and includes, as well as an easy-to-use online booking service.

Import duties and taxes in Norway

Norway has import duties and taxes for shipments from outside the country. There are different rates depending on what type of products are being shipped, with higher rates for luxury items, electrical goods, and alcoholic beverages. There is a tax on the value of the goods that will be calculated based on the total purchase cost including shipping, import duties and taxes.

Other Costs You Need to Consider for Shipping to Norway

The cost of sending an item to Norway will vary depending on the weight and size of the item. Customs duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and other charges are also a factor in pricing. The Norwegian postal service Posten recommends that consumers hire a courier company to send larger packages because they have more experience with overseas shipments.

What Documents You Need for Shipping to Norway

The first thing you’ll need when shipping to Norway is the receiver’s name, address, and phone number. Remember to indicate whether the package is for commercial or private use. If you are shipping for commercial use, you will also need your business name and VAT number. There may also be some restrictions on what can be shipped to Norway. For example, you will have to declare any clothing that is under a certain value or any food products that are not destined for human consumption.

How To Book A Courier Transport Company To Ship Your Item To Norway

Are you looking for a courier transport company to ship your item to Norway? Shipping to Norway can be difficult. The best way to choose a courier is by reading their reviews and comparing the prices they charge.In Alinnza we can help you to sort this out for you, get in touch.

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