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Alinnza Pallet Express Service offers a one-stop-shop for any and all of your pallet shipping to Denmark needs. 

Whether you’re looking for a solution to take care of your freight shipment door-to-door, or if you need help finding the best freight rates available in your area, we’ve got it covered.
Shipping Solutions

If you are looking for a reliable shipping solution from anywhere in Europe to Denmark, Alinnza is your solution. We offer a variety of solutions, ranging from a full service door-to-door service all the way down to just the pallet.


Groupage services are consolidating pallets with a same destination into one consignment truck, in order to save space and reduce the number of handling operations. Alinnza cover you best shipping solution for shipping pallets to Denmark.


Trucking is the transportation of goods by road. Trucks are most often used for transporting heavy loads, but are also used for light loads thanks to their flexibility. There are four main types of trucking: long-haul, regional, dedicated, and local. Long-haul trucking is the transportation of goods over great distances across states or provinces. Regional trucking is the transportation of goods from one point to another within a state or province. Dedicated trucking is the transportation of goods from a distribution center to a retailer’s location or from one distribution center to another distribution center, which may be in the same state or province or in multiple states or provinces. Local trucking is the transportation of goods from a manufacturer to retailers within a metropolitan

Pallet from UK to Denmark

The pallets will be collected in the UK, then taken over to Denmark by truck. The price of this service is around £200-£300 per pallet normal footprint. Check our Road Freight Solutions.

Delivery Door-to-Door

Alinnza is an European freight forwarding company dedicated to delivering large and heavy cargo from UK, the EU, Switzerland and Norway to Denmark. They offer a wide range of services including full-load, less-than-container load (LCL), and container shipping. Alinnza is a professional company that provides excellent customer service and quick turnaround time.

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