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Cross Trade Solutions by Alinnza

With our Cross Trade Services, we ensure a functioning sequence of complete load flows for shipments which have neither their origin, nor destination, in the processing country.

Our Service

Control of cross trades for air, sea, road and rail freight
Individual service packages tailored to customers
Complete service: shipping, pre and post-carriage, documentation, customs clearance
Fulfillment of import and export assurance initiatives
Global network with own offices and proven partnerships

Our Advantages

Many years of experience in cross trades, especially from Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America
Experienced know-how about conditions relevant to origin and destination
Complete service from one source with personal contact
Best possible routes, loading combinations and favorable freight rate.

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Known as Triangular Trade

Also known as triangular trade or third-party trading, refer to the process of buying and selling goods between two different countries without the goods passing through the home country of the buyer or seller. In simpler terms, it involves a transaction where a company in one country acts as an intermediary to facilitate a trade between two other countries.

Third-Party Logistics

In cross trade operations, importers and exporters work with a third-party logistics provider who arranges all aspects of the transaction – from sourcing suppliers to coordinating shipping and handling customs documentation. This allows businesses to expand their global market presence by connecting buyers and sellers across borders.

Reduce Transit Periods

By eliminating the need for goods to be physically transported back to their origin country before being sent on to their final destination, cross trade operations offer several advantages. They save time by reducing transit periods and administrative processes associated with multiple shipments. They can help minimize costs by avoiding unnecessary transportation fees and storage expenses.

Providing access to New Markets

Additionally, cross trade operations provide businesses with access to new markets that may have been difficult or costly to enter otherwise. By leveraging local expertise through a trusted third-party provider familiar with these markets' regulations and cultural nuances, companies can establish relationships with suppliers or customers worldwide.

What Are Cross Trade Operations?

Flexibility is another key benefit offered by cross-trade transactions. Businesses can adapt quickly based on demand fluctuations or changes in market dynamics without being bound by traditional supply chain routes that might not align with evolving requirements.

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