How to ship your goods to the Netherlands from the UK


If you were planning on shipping to the Netherlands from the UK but Brexit has left you in a panic. 

This article will give you all the information you need to know about importing goods into the Netherlands. From what sort of documentation you need, to customs clearance and paperwork, we’ll break it down for you here.

How will trading with the Netherlands change after Brexit?

After Brexit, the UK will need to negotiate new trade agreements with other European countries. Currently, the UK has a single trading agreement with the Netherlands and this trade consists largely of food and agricultural products.

In addition, the Netherlands is an important trading partner for the UK, with trade being worth around €88 billion in 2017. The vast majority of EU-UK trade is by proxy through the Netherlands. As such, we can expect Dutch trading activity to change considerably post-Brexit. In particular, there will be a need to establish new and separate customs procedures that would apply solely to goods travelling between the two countries.

What other implications could Brexit have for trade with the Netherlands?

With the Netherlands being an EU member state, this is a question that many traders will be asking themselves. Shipping goods to the Netherlands from abroad may become more expensive and complicated because of the new customs checks for imports. 

For this reason Alinnza is your good ally to keep your cost low and effortless import paperwork.

Groupage services to the Netherlands

To access customs free goods and the European VAT-free zone, you’ll need to import your goods through a Netherlands-based business. 

Our groupage services can ship a pallet from the UK to the Netherlands using a cost-effective way for your goods transportation.


The easiest way to ship goods from the UK to the Netherlands after Brexit is by using a trusted logistics company like Alinnza. 

We have an established footprint in the Netherlands and a history of providing excellent customer service.

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