Digital Freight Forwarder


Your freight forwarding needs could be as easy as a few clicks of the mouse with the help of Alinnza, a digital freight forwarder based in Europe. 

For over 5 years, Alinnza has been providing specialist cargo transportation to individuals and organisations around the world, and they can offer a wide range of services including basic door-to-door delivery, multi-warehouse operation and more.
What is a Digital Freight Forwarder

A digital freight forwarder is a website that offers shippers and freight forwarders a full set of services. They offer logistics solutions for both small and large commercial enterprises. In addition the company helps the customer to track shipments, integrate with freight management software, and more.

Benefits of choosing an online freight forwarder

Certainly, not all companies are created equal. If you are unfamiliar with the trucking industry, you might not know that it can be really difficult to find a freight forwarding company that will charge the right price for the right service at the right time.

Sometimes freight forwarders offer great rates, but they only have one type of service available which might not work for your business. Moreover, other issue is that some freight forwarders can’t seem to manage their own load so they subcontract out to another company, which means you have more than one contact person and more than one invoice coming in at once.

How to get a quote from a digital freight forwarder

For example, It is easy to get the quote from one of these companies. Simply find a freight forwarder in your area, who offers online quotes. You can email or call them with your details and they will send you an instant quote via email. The freight forwarder will assess the level of service required, the weight of shipment to be shipped, and provide you with a final price in U.S. dollars for shipping your items overseas.

What types of freight can I ship?

You can ship any type of freight you want. The most common types are cargo, freight, and goods.


Digital Freight Forwarder is a company that is on the forefront of technology. They use big data to maximize efficiency. They offer a wide variety of solutions for many different industries, and they work with a number of third-party apps for further customization.

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