Your all-in-one solution in Europe

Alinnza has been stablished in 2015 by professionals of International Trade offering freight forwarding services. Since then, the company has achieved a remarkable and continue growth that outlined a successful organisational profile laying the foundations for the company’s high standing and the recognitions of quality of its services as well value attributed.
The cooperative nature, the vocation to grow, the commitment to people and the exclusive selection of best shipping providers.
Thanks to our global network we can fulfil almost all customer’s requirements.

Values that lead us


Customer oriented

Our services are tailored solutions because not all the customers are the same. You are not a number for us, you're special and we are committed to fulfil your needs.



Our strong global network give us an advantage over another Freight Forwarders, our teamwork spirit, training and constant improvement make us the right choice for your logistics.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our values that sustain us, couple with commitment are indispensable starting point for the construction of opportunities that we intend to move our entire society.


Environmental sustainability

Our company is committed to reduce the footprint of the logistic sector

Services we offer

Logistics is an integral part of the lifelines and essential to the world’s economy health. The steady transport of goods enables us to contribute to further enriching lives and economies all over the world. And it’s a privileged to be part of this affair. Alinnza provides freight forwarding services in the five continents.

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